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CUDO Purpose and History »

The purpose of CUDO is to unify the Charlottesville Ultimate Frisbee community by providing venues for recreational and competitive Ultimate Frisbee through organization of pick-up games and both summer and winter leagues. The actual name CUDO (Charlottesville Ultimate Disc Organization) only came about in 2003, but the group had been together for a few years prior to that. CUDO’s members range from beginners to people who’ve played on nationals-caliber traveling teams.

Blue Ridge Ultimate (BRU), a Charlottesville-based co-ed team, helped put Charlottesville on the Ultimate Frisbee map. In their first year in existence, 2001, they placed 2nd at nationals. In 2002, they placed 4th at worlds and 7th at nationals. After BRU’s successful first season, they devoted their efforts to bettering Ultimate in the community. This, along with a lot of hard work from Rich Franck, sparked Charlottesville’s first winter league in 2001-2002 consisting of 6 teams. In February of 2003, we wrapped up our third winter league season with 10 teams and over 200 participants.

The summer of 2003 was our first summer league with only 4 teams and 70 participants. Just one year later in 2004, we finished our second season with 6 teams and about 130 participants. In addition to sponsoring winter league and summer league, CUDO sponsors a community team that teaches skills, weekly pick-up, and we also had our first youth day in 2004. We also try to support the local college teams as much as we can. Agent Orange, the former UVA women’s team, participated in College Nationals in 2002 and 2004. Night Train, the UVA men’s team, made College Nationals for the first time in 2009 and 2011. Hydra, the current UVA women’s team, made College Nationals in 2011 and 2012.

Currently, BRU has disbanded and many of its former players have started playing with the area men’s and women’s teams including Bnogo, Backhoe, and Potomac. Axis of C’ville, the current mixed team in Charlottesville, made Club Nationals in 2009 after winning Capital Sectionals and placing 2nd at Mid Atlantic Regionals.

Thus, Charlottesville Ultimate Frisbee continues to impact ultimate on the National level.

The current CUDO officers are:

President: James Walsh
Vice President: Devin Donnelly
Field Director: in hiding
Pick-Up Coordinator: Mal Webb
Pixar Enthusiast: Mike Lubash
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